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21 November 2014 - Kategori Blog

cv.raja kulit 2 cv.raja kulit 3 cv.raja kulit 4 cv.raja kulit 5     Our Mission Statementcv.raja kulit 10

CV.Raja Kulit is a company which has quietly provided some of the best protective gear, in the world, for motorcyclists over 11 years. We have remained one of the oldest rider-owned and operated apparel companies in the motorcycle industry. CV.RAJA KULIT Sports Group produces high quality protective apparel, offering top performance at a great value. Born in the early days of CV.RAJA KULIT Helmet’s entry into the US market, CV.RAJA KULIT Sports Group has a unique technical outlook on the design of our protective apparel.cv.raja kulit 9

Our commitment to materials and design innovation has played a major role in the evolution of the CV.RAJA KULIT product line. Our products are engineered to be strong, light, abrasion resistant, cool, and comfortable. From affordable entry-level products, to world class high performance safety apparel for professional racers, CV.RAJA KULIT products are geared for the serious rider or racer.cv.raja kulit 7

Unlike most other apparel manufacturers, the identical CV.RAJA KULIT products worn by the professional riders can be purchased by the general public.cv.raja kulit 8

In addition to the information we collect from our Nasional -class professional riders, a lot of input is received from our customers and our own personal experience. We are passionate about the sport. All of the personnel involved in product development at CV.RAJA KULIT Sports Group are riders, and are among the sport’s greatest enthusiasts.

Each product is designed by riders, for riders, and function is never sacrificed for aesthetics. By keeping product development and design in house and using experienced riders, we are staying true to the dedicated following of discerning motorcycle enthusiasts who respect the quality and value of CV.RAJA KULIT performance driven products.cv.raja kulit 6

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